UK’s largest software firm Sage launches its Salesforce based cloud and mobile accounts platform.

Sage Live for UK entrepreneurs and accountants is an integrated cloud accounting solution that is designed to give SMB’s a real-time source of information.

UK SMB accountancy giant Sage claim that the SaaS solution makes it easier for small and medium businesses in the UK to manage their finances, as the real-time information will help them to look ahead and more efficiently manage their businesses.

Built on the Salesforce App Cloud and in partnership with Salesforce, Sage Live is designed to connect with thousands of apps so that entrepreneurs have access to all the tools that they need.

Sage Live was first announced at the Sage Summit and brings together finance, sales, CRM and operational data into a single view, giving the user the opportunity to make real time decisions through reports that should help businesses to make more informed decisions, rather than relying on gut feeling.

The two companies have made the solution so that it can be tailored to the user’s business; this can be achieved through connecting to multiple data sources that the user chooses, giving a customised experience.

Sage CEO, Stephen Kelly spoke to CBR in an interview last year, he said: “There are a number of strands. The first strand to cover is technology. So through the Salesforce 1 platform comes Sage Live. A project that wasn’t even imagined a year ago.” The full interview can be read here.

Kingpin, a marketing communications and media agency is currently using the product. James Foulkes, director and co-founder, Kingpin, said: “We no longer meet in a boardroom – we’re working out of the office and on our mobile devices. While we might have had Wi-Fi access in the past, now, we have real-time information.”

Sage Live has been made available on subscription which starts at £15 a month per business users and £30 a month per full user for the Sage Live Essential package.

Due to Sage Live sharing the same object-based design as Salesforce the integration between the CRM and accounting program should be quite deep, this will be a benefit to both Sage and Salesforce.

Another benefit of Sage Live being built on the Salesforce App Cloud is that it has faster development speeds than Ruby on Rails, which is the programming language used by Sage One.

The outcome of this is that new features can be added more quickly, creating a more flexible product for users.

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