Sage 50 Add on Solutions

Sage 50 Barcode Scanning Solution for Hardware Stores.

This program allows the user to scan a barcode in to populate an invoice or order line in Sage 50. The application can do the following.

  • Scan barcode to populate an invoice or order line.
  • Can import barcodes from Sage 50.
  • Can hold barcodes in its own database locally as well as on a server.
  • Can print barcode labels on label sheets or singly.

Sage 50 Hand Held Stock Control and Order Management in the stores.

This program allows the user to scan a barcode in while conducting a stock take on the fly or book stock in while at the actual goods receipt stage of the process.

  • Enter order number and book stock in to Sage 50 on the floor.
  • Use the handheld to build an order.
  • Use this handheld to do a stock take and adjust stock codes individually.

Sage 50 Data Analytics.

This program copies all Sage 50 data to an SQL database where it can be analysed using the power of SQL Server. Sales by Month, this year v last year by rep or profit or by unit of sale can be reported on in either graph or graphical form. All analysis can be exported to .pdf or spreadsheet. Any written analysis can be produced in dashboard form.

  • Full customer sales analysis by product, category, analysis code or rep can be produced.
  • All combinations of stock movement report can be produced.
  • A full supplier analysis by product, transaction or turnover can be generated and reported on.
  • Complete nominal analysis, this year v last year v budget can be displayed in dashboard or data formats.

Sage 50 Data integration with food industry weighing systems.

We can integrate output from the main food industry weighing systems traditionally used in Ireland with Sage 50 to generate orders or invoices.

  • Import order or invoice data from scales to produce invoices and orders in Sage 50.
  • All the above processes can be automated to run automatically at a particular time.

Sage 50 Direct Debit integration with Sage 50 invoicing

This program once setup can automatically process customer invoice payments directly into Sage 50 fully allocating them to their respective invoices.

  • Sends direct debit information to the banks.
  • Pulls down payments for the uploaded invoices.
  • Allocates invoice payments to their particular invoices.

Sage 50 EDI Integration with main Irish Supermarkets.

This program generates invoice data which can then be imported into the various EDI programs used by Irish supermarket groups.

  • Generated a file of invoices for EDI.
  • Exports the EDI invoices to a pre-defined location.
  • Enables a particular EDI carriers software to import this file for processing on to the supermarkets.

Sage 50 Paperless Office Addon.

This program scans delivery dockets and adds them to the “Activity” tab transactions in the customer file.

  • View print scanned delivery dockets.
  • Auto-link delivery docket by order number or invoice number.
  • Full workflow management.
  • Scan supplier delivery dockets and link to purchase order / supplier invoice.
  • Workflow supplier invoices to other users for payment approval purposes.

Sage 50 Data Integration with ACT CRM.

This program integrates fully with ACT CRM (formerly Sage ACT) allowing the user to create a Sage account from a new ACT contact. Quotations in Act can be turned into orders or Invoices in Sage 50.

  • Import customers, suppliers and companies into Act from Sage 50.
  • Import Sage 50 Stock details into ACT CRM.
  • Create Sage customers from ACT contact data in Sage 50.
  • Transition ACT quotes to Sage 50 orders or invoices.
  • Lookup Sage 50 historical data from within Act contact record.

Sage 50 BOM Tools

This program is a collection of tools to assist with managing BOMs (Bills Of Materials) in Sage 50 Accounts. It includes a function that will disassemble a BOM assembly back to it’s original components.

  • A high speed search facility will locate Assemblies by product code, barcode or text within the product description.
  • View a list of all Assemblies with cost price, sales price and quantity in stock.
  • View a multi level BOM explosion in tree format.
  • View all the components of a multi level BOM as a list with total quantities and cost prices.
  • Shows calculated total cost price with an option to save this as the new assembly cost price.
  • Assemble function will transfer stock for a multi level BOM with a single click.
  • Disassemble function will disassemble assemblies back to the original components.
  • What BOM tool shows you which assemblies a component belongs to.
  • BOM Fix tool will rebuild all your Product Assembly Level and Link Level fields.
  • The program can be run from a button in the Sage 50 product module.
  • Licensed for use on as many of your company’s computers as you like.
  • Compatible with Sage 50 Pro and Financial Controller versions 8 to 19 (2013).

Sage 50 Product and Account Code Changer

Have you ever wished that you could change a Sales Ledger account code or a Product code ? Well you can now with the Adept Sage 50 Product and Account Code Changer.

  • Change Sales Ledger account codes.
  • Change Purchase Ledger account codes.
  • Change Product codes.
  • Change Fixed Asset codes.
  • Change multiple code prefixes in one operation.
  • Optionally read a CSV file of codes to be changed.
  • Retains all your transaction and stock history.
  • Compatible with all versions of Sage 50 from v8 to v19 (2013).

Sage 50 Sales Price Updater

This program will update the Sales Price of your Products by applying a Category based mark-up to the Cost Price.

  • Mark-up percentage can be held individually for each Category or Product.
  • The Sales Price for a BOM assembly can be calculated from it’s individual components across multiple BOM levels.
  • You can calculate Sales Prices for a portion of the Product file by selecting the Category, Supplier or Product Code.
  • Product Code selection allows the use of wild cards.
  • You can enter new Cost Prices for a list of components and automatically recalculate the Sales

Price of all affected Assemblies.

  • Cost Prices in CSV format can be imported from Excel or a Supplier’s List.
  • The program can be run from a button on the Sage 50 product screen (dependant on Sage version).

Sage 50 Stock Split

This program is ideal for splitting a box of stock into individual items. It will allow you to transfer stock from one stock code and create multiple new items under another stock code. A typical example would be a wine merchant who has one stock code for a case of a particular wine and another that represents a single bottle. When a case is taken from the cellar and the bottles are put out on the shelves, this program will take one case out of stock in Sage 50 and adjust in the appropriate number of bottles.

  • The split quantity and product code are held in the Sage 50 product file.
  • A search facility will locate splittable products by code or a word within the product description.
  • The program will create the correct transactions in the Sage 50 product history.
  • A list shows the products that you have already split in the current session.
  • The program can be run from a button in the Sage 50 product module (dependant on Sage version).

Sage 50 Product Duplicator

This program will allow the user to create new Sage 50 product records by copying a template product. It is ideal for creating bespoke products that are based on an assembly of standard components and sub-assemblies.

  • Generates a sequential suffix number for each new product.
  • You can amend the Description , Sales Price and BOM Table as you create each new product.
  • The Cost Price is dynamically calculated by adding up the Cost Prices of the BOM Components.
  • Option to automatically calculate the Sales Price as well.
  • Add notes about the product directly into the Product Record’s Memo field.
  • The program can be run from a button in the Sage 50 Product Module (dependant on Sage version).

Sage 50 Multi Location Stock Tools

This program will make it easier to use Sage 50 to manage stock in multiple warehouses or locations.

  • A high speed search facility will locate products by code or text within the product description.
  • View stock levels at each location.
  • Easily transfer stock from one location to another.
  • Build option will create a duplicate set of product records for each location.
  • Build option will also update the duplicate products if product details are changed.
  • Sales Ledger accounts can be assigned to a specific location.
  • SOP Update option will update sales orders to use the location defined for the customer.
  • The program can be run from a button in the Sage 50 product module.
  • Licensed for use on as many of your company’s computers as you like.

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